Self-Talk for a Calmer You


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Self-Talk for a Calmer You was written for those living with anxiety and fear, and seeking a more relaxed and comfortable life. Beverly Flaxington uses over 25 years of experience working with individuals in personal and professional situations, and shares the answers you can use right away to find the calmer you hidden inside your anxiety.

This book teaches you how to recognize the triggers that cause anxiety and reverse the outcome! Learn the strategies to overcome situations that make you nervous, nauseous or fearful. These feelings can be replaced by confidence, contentment and joy.

By exploring different life scenarios—job hunting, career management, relationships, stress management and others, Beverly walks the reader through the steps to approach each one in a more positive, powerful manner.

Learn how to find greater happiness. You have the power to overcome conflict and negativity. Self-talk for a Calmer You provides the tools to take complete control of your emotions and actions for a more joyful and positive life.

Your self talk impacts your communication with others, Beverly’s book provides practical activities, tools and approaches that create immediate results!”

—Charmaine Hammond
Best-Selling, Award-Winning Author
and Professional Speaker

My favorite of Beverly’s books, Self Talk for a Calmer You, was a life changing read.  In chapter three, Beverly talks about the triggers of negative self talk using the analogy of a match – what an ah ha moment for me.  Now in every conversation or situation when that “feeling” starts to hit me of…this isn’t going well…I think about the match analogy, figure out what was the trigger for that “feeling” and use the strategies taught in the book to change the outcome.  Outstanding advice, couldn’t wait to turn to the next page…a must read for every person who needs to learn how to change the way they talk to themselves so they can talk to others successfully and get what they want in business and life.”

—Janet Powers
Chief Executive Connector, Women’s Toolbox, LLC.

Order this breakthrough book today and start on your personal journey to a calmer you. It can happen – positive self-talk can get you there.