Are you operating at your maximum potential in your personal and professional life? Most people aren’t. It’s not because they don’t want to, or that they can’t. Most people just haven’t learned how to unlock their own potential.

The Ultimate Compliment

As creatures of habit, we often develop tendencies that aren’t good for us. They hold us back and limit our ability to be successful. The fact is, we are ALL capable of doing more. When we know how to tap into what already lives inside us and replace negative behaviors with positive ones, we can truly thrive.

Jesse Dylan gives Bev Flaxington the ultimate compliment on Good Life Revolution: “For years, I’ve been behind the microphone…From Deepak Chopra to Sanjay Gupta to the Dalai Lama, but you’ve got a gift.  You’ve got a great way of communicating with people.  I just think you’re uber talented.”  Listen to the entire interview

How do we know which patterns are limiting us and how do we relearn behaviors? Others can tell us what we need to do, but change can be difficult and so we struggle to do it.

This is why I have spent the last 25 years of my career studying the nature of our human behavior. It’s my goal to share how our propensities don’t always work in our best interests, and to provide the knowledge to leverage the gifts that already live inside each person. My desire is to help you learn how to access the behaviors that will lead to positive change and a better quality of life.




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